False Prophecy

The 21st May has now passed and the prophesied Rapture, (the second coming of Christ), did not occur. The cataclysmic global earthquakes that were supposed to accompany this momentous biblical occurrence did not occur either. Apart from devout believers in this prophesy, few people throughout the nations of the world were surprised. Feeble and limp excuses for the non-occurrence of this event have already started amongst bewildered believers.

While many have treated the entire scenario with some hilarity, it is worth reflecting that believers of this false date driven prophesy only have one difference from other religious believers in that they had an actual set date for deliverance. Most other believers have no set date other than some unspecified hazy notion of some time in the future. I have no doubt that if we could travel forward in time say 5,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 years, believers would still be found waiting for this almost mythological concept to occur. I cannot but help wonder this is all because of the writings of other human beings some 2000 years ago.

This is not the first time such an event has been forecast. In the past, people motivated by end of the world prophesies have scaled Mont Blanc to escape the second Great Flood, committed suicide in the belief their souls would be transported away by a passing space ship and so on.

When it comes to belief, I am always mindful that countless thousands of people have been put to death over the centuries in Holy Wars, (and frequently not so holy wars), by others who believed at the time, it was a good and righteous thing to do. One has to ask the simple question Why? Who said such things were good and righteous and what was their authority for doing so?

I do not mock believers as that is something that is their right but I do feel a get a strong chilling feeling of indignation going up my spine whenever a believer tries to convince me they are right based on what they have been taught by others.

I suppose if anything, the non-event of 21st May has convinced me even more to trust my own judgement rather that the belief of others.

Appalling as it may sound, my guess is that if Jesus Christ ever did return to this world, there we be groups amongst mankind. (not myself), that would soon find reason for crucifying him again.

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