Does the mind really exist?

Does the mind really exist, if so where is it? We all know that we have a mind, you are using it right now reading this article which when you reach the end, will make you come to one of several possible conclusions. You will either agree or disagree with points raised in this article or come somewhere in-between with a “perhaps he has a point” decision.

Let me make it clear from the outset, I certainly do not know where the mind is but then as far as I know, no else does either. All I surmise is based on personal experience and common sense. I do not subscribe to the mystical trains of thought as personally I do not believe there is anything that is really mystical in this universe, only things that we do not yet have sufficient knowledge to explain.

The mind is certainly not a physical thing as any autopsy will clearly show, so where is it located? If you close your eyes for a few moments and concentrate, even try to feel or sense where your immediate thoughts are coming from, the chances are that you will sense it is somewhere in your head. Trying to “feel” just where in your head these thoughts are originating from may prove difficult. Continue reading

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