A collection of unusual facts

London Monument

The Monument built in 1667 to commemorate the Great Fire of London the previous year is 61 metres high (202 ft). This is also the exact distance from the Monument to where the fire started in Pudding Lane. The column contains a internal winding stone staircase of 311 steps leading to a viewing platform.


The Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral

The supporting stone pillars beneath the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral do not support the dome at all and are mainly decorative. During the construction of St Paul’s Cathedral, city and church authorities concerned that Sir Christopher Wren’s original plan for the dome without pillars were not sound and that the weight of the dome would cause it to collapse without additional support. Despite Wren’s assurances, the authorities insisted on the dome being supported by additional stone pillars. During construction, the dome was shielded from view by scaffolding and Wren ordered that the stone pillars be shortened by several inches so they did not make contact with the underside of the dome. It is only possible to see this gap from eye level and not from the street below. Continue reading

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