Merry Christmas Folks! – 2016


A Merry Christmas and a

Happy and Healthy New Year

to all my readers.


Snowman Waving

Well Folks, It is that time of year when many will be looking forward to a well earned seasonal break and hopefully in the company of ones family.

It is also a time of year when many also like to hear Christmas carols which often help set the tone to the Christmas period. One particular carol that I like is  based on a poem originally  written in 1872 by the poetess Christina Rossetti  and later set to music in 1906 by the composer Gustav Holst.

The carol is know as “In the Bleak Mid-Winter” and I think is one of the most beautiful carols I have heard. So beautiful it is well worth sharing with all those that would like to hear it. The video below is of the carol being sung by the renowned King’s College Choir of Cambridge.


2 Responses

  1. I found this blog by accident – just googling to see if there was anything on Cole & Deakin, Wathamstow. There was – on Roger King. I worked as a Saturday boy with Roger from 1964-1966 and was a classmate of his younger brother, Andrew. It made me realise that I can still name all the staff; as well as Douglas Cole there was another Director, Mr Thorne. Then there was Mr Scotchford, Mrs Dore, Mrs Large in the office. I would be quite happy for you to forward my email address to Roger/Andrew to see if they remember me.
    With regard to your mention of “In the Bleak Midwinter”, I should add that I now live in Cranham, Gloucestershire where Holst’s mother lived. Although he was a resident of Cheltenham, it was while he was visiting Cranham [15 mins. along the A46] one winter that he wrote the tune, hence it is called “Cranham”. Just down the road opposite our ‘local’, The Black Horse, is Mid-Winter Cottage.
    I have had only a cursory scan of your other articles and look forward to reading them in the next week. Like you, I have a pretty reasonable memory and often feel the need to have a “brain-dump” before I expire. Perhaps there are questions you would like to ask of some memories of Walthamstow. If so, please feel free to ask [I like to think I amn a ‘nice guy’ too.

    • Hello Michael, Many thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoyed reading my pages.

      I do not have a email address for Roger King, but I used an inspired hunch and looked at the Walthamstow Memories group that exists on Facebook. There is a Roger King that subscribes to that group and who would be about the right age group of the person you are looking for. I did send a private message to this particular Roger with your email address on the off chance this is the correct person.

      I don’t know if you subscribe to Facebbook or not, but that media does not show email addresses to other users, but it is possible to send private messages to other people. Although email addresses are not publically shown on this site for privacy reasons, as Administrator of this site, I automatically get comments to this site sent to me by email with the email address of the person making the comment. This is how I was able to forward your email address.

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