Brexit in a Nutshell

A excellent animated video showing in a nutshell the benefits of leaving the EU. It also shows why daily scare stories being circulated by those who want the UK to stay in the EU are nonsense.

More importantly the video shows the dangers of what will eventually happen if the UK remains in the EU.

In case anyone is in any doubt, I am fully committed to leaving the EU. What was originally a glorified street market, (the EEC), is now almost a Super-State and eventually it can only seek Super-State powers.

Europe is made up of democratic countries, yet not one European citizen with the exception of Ireland has been allowed to vote if they wanted the EU in the first place. Neither is any citizen of all these democratic European countries permitted to vote for the European Commissioners that set laws and directives. This also means they cannot be voted out of office. The same applies to the EU President and other top EU positions.

Leaving the EU would be no bed of roses but the prospect of what the future holds if the UK remains terrifies me.

It does seem likely to me that if the UK had never been a member of the EU and instead of a Brexit Referendum, the UK was being asked if we would want to join the EU, it is more than likely the answer would be an overwhelming no.


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