Flimsy Nighties

Since I started this Blog Site about a year ago, one of the unexpected and unanticipated side-effects I have discovered is the insight the site begins to afford me into individual web browsing habits. I suspect that many users of internet search engines may be unaware that whenever they conduct a web search and click on a web link, the search engine also passes the search terms onto the website. This is to allow site owners to better customise their site for visitors.

One such search engine referral that I receive a many times a day is when the words “Flimsy Nighties” are type into a search engine. I used this expression in the introduction of a humorous article describing the antics of two burly firemen trying to rescue an errant cat on a roof. I assume the many unexpected readers I get to my “Cat on the Roof” article are probably seeking the more esoteric if not outright erotic aspects of the internet, only to find the pussy in my article is the feline variety that makes meowing noises.

I conducted an experiment typing the words “Flimsy Nighties” into a search engine and found out of 1,300.000 results discovered, my article comes very high on the search engine list. Undoubtedly this is why I receive so many views to my article. Have no fear though, it is only the search terms that are passed on, not any form of personal identifying references.

Rather than continue to disappoint anyone seeking views of actual Flimsy Nighties, I have added one below for their viewing pleasure.







A Fimsy Nightie minus occupant

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